10 Best Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Software Company

If you want to partner with the best software company, you should know how to identify it during the interview. With the following 10 best questions, you will hire a great fit!

In 2022, in case a small business or startup wants to keep afloat, it is a must to get some kind of software solution.

However, the majority of businesses or startups do not possess the time, budget (check average software developer salary), and workforce needed to hire the in-house engineering team that can design software products. Good news! Nowadays, many businesses and startups finally understand how advantageous it can be to hire a software company for their applications, website, and software design needs.

Software development outsourcing companies can be found on credible B2B engineering marketplaces. Such companies save businesses and startups much money and stress in the long term but only after passing a scrupulous interviewing procedure before working on a software project. Deciding on the wrong software company can lead to budget waste and violated deadlines.

To execute brilliant software company recruitment, apply the following 10 queries to ask before initiating collaboration with a software company.
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How often do your developers undergo training?

If you want to hire a great software company, you should go beyond assessing the company itself and look carefully at its engineering talent. Your goal is to find a software company that can fill any skills and knowledge gaps on their engineering talent.

Receive more details regarding the company's practice of recruiting and training as well. This will enable you to evaluate how well the team you partner with will satisfy your expectations over the project.

Which programming languages does your engineering talent apply?

Various programming languages, as well as applications, fit themselves better or worse to various kinds of solutions. To make sure that your potential software company possesses languages in their stacks that will support your business or startup in generating win-win products, ask them about their instruments.

What type of software concept do your engineers utilize?

As soon as you discover a little bit more about a company's engineering talent, you should ask about the software concept that they practice. The best software companies implement agile in their job, however, some practice more common methods, such as Waterfall.

According to global experts, agile projects are considered 29 percent more successful compared to common projects. In case you want to put your business or startup in the best possible status to reach your goals, you should select a company that understands and uses agile development.

Does your engineering team possess experience in my project's niche?

For you, the ideal fit will be a software company that is aware of the ins and outs of your project's niche. This will help them to realize what you are searching for, as well as troubleshoot in case issues happen. This is the key reason why you should focus on software companies that can demonstrate plenty of experience designing solutions in your niche.

Note that niche also refers to aspects, such as the size and reputation of a software company. For instance, in case you are an early-stage startup, you will want a company that has partnered with similar startups. But if you are the owner of a big holding, you should find a partner with relevant experience with other big enterprises.

What is the location of your talent?

Here, mind that the location of a software company's headquarters does not always inform you regarding the location of their software engineers. To get the idea of what collaborating with the company will look like when your solution design phase begins, get as many details as possible on where their teams are and the way they perform their jobs.

You should be sure to make accommodations for significant factors, such as cultural differences and time zones.

Can you comment regarding the QA process phases?

QA specialists possess different qualifications and skill sets from those of software engineers. That is why when you are evaluating a novel team of a software company, ensure they have both kinds of the workforce on staff. This will brightly show that a software company treats the QA practice seriously and delivers it with as much focus as they conduct the software design procedure. You should also get to know what is included in the testing practice and the way they do it.

What is the involvement level your team intends to get from my side?

How active do you want to participate in the software development process? To win compatibility, it is essential to clarify this from the very beginning. Many software companies perform the job independently, with a tiny percent of interference or oversight from the client. However, they must still inform you about progress when it comes to benchmarks or goals.

How do your software engineers communicate with clients?

An efficient partnership goes hand-in-hand with communication, regardless of whom or where your partner is. You should find a software company that has established efficient communication channels to keep you informed of their progress. You should negotiate the frequency, format, and timing of all your check-ins.

How about your portfolio? Do you have referrals from other customers?

Your potential software company should be able to represent previous software projects as well as recommendations from customers to prove their success with software solutions. In case they don't want to demo them, this is a bad sign for your business as it suggests that a software company either lacks experience or possessed negative issues with customers. This indicates that they are a bad fit for your future solution.

While considering recommendations, you should ask for contact data for their previous customers so you can get a full picture regarding the partnership relationship and the outcome.

What is your advantage compared to other software companies?

It is brilliant if they comment that they only hire the world-class software engineering talent in the city/country, or that they possess the most powerful experience in your niche. You should get to know about their specific pros to be sure you are going to partner with the best one.